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Live Music Now

Through her work with Live Music Now, Angharad brings the joy of live music to a diverse range of people that rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music.

Angharad passionately believes that music can have a positive impact on people's lives, helping wellbeing, self-respect, attention, amongst other things. 


Her work has taken her to SEN schools, where she has played music with children with severe mental and physical disabilities. She also has played music in care homes performing for people living with dementia, and also in hospitals. 

The King, the Cat and the Fiddle

In April 2016 - to celebrate the centenary of Live Music Now founder and one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century, Yehudi Menuhin - Angharad, along with her band-mates in Calan, were commissioned to write music for the children's story The King, the Cat and the Fiddle written by Yehudi Menuhin and Christopher Hope.


The interactive musical re-telling of this beautiful children’s story, was written with young children in mind, and those with special educational needs. You can hear a part of the new music here.  

The band continue to perform the show around SEND schools, and are experienced in running interactive, and participatory performances for children with special educational needs. 

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