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Steeped in the traditional music of Wales, Angharad is never tied down by her roots, but uses them as a springboard to explore new musical avenues.

She is a versatile collaborator, and has performed and co-written with a range of musicians in different styles and genres, including work with poets, artists and theatre makers also.

Follow the the links below to find our more about the different bands in which she is a member. 

Calan breathe fire into the old traditions with their infectious rhythms and high voltage routines before melting into some of the most beautiful and haunting songs.

Mother and daughter duo; new interpretations of Welsh music on harp and fiddle. 

Angharad is a musician on the Live Music Now scheme, performing music to a diverse range of people that rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music. She has worked a lot with children with severe mental and physical disablitieis, as well as elderly people living with dementia. 

Electronic dance music meets acousitc instruments, Kaikrea fuse hip-hop, drum and bass and garage with lushous string arrangements to create their unique sound. 


Angharad's open minded and experimental approach to music has made her a favourite amongst theatre makers. 

New Music

Forgetting all the rules, Angharad dabbles in free improvisation and experiments with sound and light.

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