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EmyrYoung_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0016 copy
EmyrYoung_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0013 copy
EmyrYoung_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0028 copy
EmyrYoung_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0001 copy
2_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0015 playing b+w
EmyrYoung_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0023 copy
EmyrYoung_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0009 copy
EmyrYoung_Prosiect_Haicw_10112014_0018 copy

PROsiect hAIcw

In 2014, following the death of her father the poet Nigel Jenkins, Angharad collaborated with the artist Iwan Bala to create PROsiect hAIcw. In a cathartic and creative response to her grief, the two created a body of work (music and images) which culminated in a multi-media performance where music, art and poetry were married in an emotionally powerful expose. 

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