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Angharad's open minded and experimental approach to music has made her a favourite amongst theatre makers. She often draws on the traditional music of Wales as inspiration, but can turn to classical, hip-hop or even avant-guard experimental music, depending on what's needed for each production.
Her violin is always at the core of the sound, but this can appear in a number of guises, such has the deep, soulful sound of her octave violin, or the electronic effects of her electric violin, or simply by experimenting with the timbre or tuning of her standard violin. She also plays ukulele, sings and introduces percussion instruments to create atmpspheric soundscapes. 
Her first experience of writting for theatre was through Leeway Productions 10 Minute Musical Project in 2016. During this project Angharad worked with writer Branwen Davies to create a 10 minute musical.
She has since written music for Cwmni Pendraw's 2071 production (2016) with actor Wyn Bowen Harries. This production was a Welsh translation of Chris Rapley's talk on climate change. 
She has also worked with Avant Cymru writting original music for hip-hop dance production Blue Scar, working with beatboxer Beat Technique and guitarist Darius Nash.
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